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Mineral Water


As a balneoclimatic resort the town of Devin is mainly famous for the excellent qualities of its mineral water which has no problem to compete with the French Perrier.  In the region of Devin several drill-bore hydrothermal sources pour out mineral waters with analogous chemical composition but with temperature from 37 оС to 76 оС and significant total flow rate of approximately 83 l/sec, or over 7 million liters for 24 hours.

Due to their hypotonicity they are particularly suitable for drinking in balneological treatment in kidney and urological diseases, as well as for gastrointestinal diseases. Through external application of the mineral water it is possible to achieve decrease of arterial pressure, recovery of joint pain and improving the functional condition of the joints, various skin diseases, as well as diseases of the nervous, secretory, cardiovascular and reproductive system.


The mineral water from the Devin source located in the town of Devin is with temperature 42 оС and flow rate of about 10 l/sec. The mineral water is with low mineralization (0,223 g/l), hydrocarbonate-sodium, and containing hydrocarbonate ions /НСО3-/-101 mg/l, sulfate ions /SО4++/- 20 mg/l, chloride ions /Сl- /- 2 mg/l, Nа+- 70 mg/l, Са++- 2 mg/l, Мg++ – 0.4 mg/l , metasilicon acid /H2SiO3/- 24 mg/l, F- – 4.6 mg/l, Rn – 4.3 nCi/l, with high alkali reaction (рН 9,4) and with very low water hardness (0,3 German degrees, i.e. “soft” water).

The water is clear, odorless and with very pleasant drinking and gustatory qualities.
According to its physicochemical features the mineral water of the Devin spring has the following uses:

  • for drinking:
    • gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis and ulcer, duodenitis, enteritis, colitis and enterocolitis, etc.)
    • gall bladder and liver disorders (hepatitis, cholangitis, cholecistitis, gallstone disease, etc.)
    • kidney and urological diseases (kidney stone disease developing with acid and alkali urine, conditions after litotripsy, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, chronic kidney insufficiency I degree)
    • metabolic and endocrine diseases (different types of diabetes, gout and hyperuricaemia);
  • for external application:
    • locomotory system (degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases, posttraumatic and ortopaedic diseases, soft tissue damages);
    • nervous system diseases (peripheral and central);
    • reproductive system (endometritis, parametritis, sterility, prostatitis, etc.)
    • cardiovascular system (hypertension, ischaemic diseases and after heart attack conditions)
    • skin diseases (of inflammatory, allergic, etc. origin such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.)
    • for inhaled application in diseases of the respiratory system of inflammational, allergic and intoxication nature (tracheitis, bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia, etc.)
    • for sports and prophylaxis and strengthening the organism


From the balneological spring Bedenski Mineralni Bani located near Devin mineral water has been brought through a pipeline with higher mineralization and higher temperature – 76 оС, with flow rate of about 12 l/sec., рН – 6.6.

It is hydrocarbonate-sulfate-chloride-sodium, calcium-magnesium, fluoride, silicon, hydro-acid, containing hydrocarbonate ions /НСО3-/ – 744 mg/l, suphate ions /SО4++/ – 293 mg/l, chloride ions /Сl- / – 44 mg/l, Nа+ – 376 mg/l , Са++ – 62 mg/l , Мg++ – 7 mg/l, metasilicon acid /H2SiO3/ – 92 mg/l, F- – 6.5 mg/l, СО2 < 200 mg/l.

Decisive for the healing and prophylactic influence of the Bedene mineral water over human organism are its chemical ingredients:

  • Fluoride is of specific interest due to its proven ability for use as a healing and prophylactic means for dental caries, osteoporosis and bone and joint diseases. Its radio-protective effect has been also established.
  • Calcium contained in mineral waters together with its antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effect may serve as a building element in need for callus formation, osteoporosis, etc.
  • Magnesium is actively involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, as well as in the structure of a variety of enzymes.
  • The hydrocarbonate ion in mineral water has a specific antiacid effect on abdominal mucous membrane and content, it further corrects the alkali-acid balance in the organism.
  • The sulfate ion stimulates the secretion of the liver, gall bladder, intestines and the pancreas and induces a laxative effect.
  • The chloride ion improves blood supply of skin and mucosa.
  • The carbon dioxide causes hyperemia with subsequent decrease of arterial pressure and improvement of the action of the heart, as well as of the overall metabolism.
  • Radon, on its part expresses specific affinity towards the nervous cell and contributes to the improvement of the metabolism of substances in the organism.

Through external application the mineral water from Bedenski Bani cures the following diseases:

  1. Diseases of the locomotory system
    • degenerative joint diseases (arthritis, Perthes disease, Koller disease, etc).
    • inflammatory joint diseases in remission phase (rheumatoid arthritis, monoarthritis, Behterev’s disease, etc.)
    • Traumatic bone, joint, muscle and tendon diseases (conditions after operations and fractures, distortions, luxations, contusions, myositis, tendovaginitis, vibratory disease, etc.)
  2. Nervous system diseases
    • Of the central nervous system (residual events after suffering from encephalitis, meningitis, postoperative conditions)
    • Of the peripheral nervous system (plexitis, neuritis, radiculitis (radicular pain), lumbalgia, degenerative disc disease)
    • Nervous diseases (neurosis, depressions, neurasthenia, migraines, etc.)
  3. Cardiovascular diseases
    • Hypertension I and II degree according to the International Health Organization
    • Hypotension
    • Generalized atherosclerosis (initial stage)
    • Vascular diseases of the extremities of inflammatory and neurovegetative origin: arteritis, Raynaud’s disease, Buerger’s disease, etc.
  4. Skin diseases
    • Dermatitis of inflammatory and intoxication origin
    • Eczemas of different origin
  5. Diseases of the female and male reproductive system
    • Of inflammatory origin (endometritis, prostatitis, etc.)
    • Sterility and climacterium
  6. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (chrinic gastritis, esophagitis, colitis, enteritis, stomach and duodenal ulcer, etc.)
  7. Diseases of the gall bladder and liver tract (chronic hepatitis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, gallstone disease, etc.)
  8. Diseases of the secretory system (kidney stone disease, pyelonephritis)
  9. Metabolic and endocrine diseases (obesity, gout, diabetes, etc.)
  10. Professional diseases upon exposure and intoxication with aerosols of heavy metals)
  11. Prophylaxis of caries
  12. Prophylaxis of osteoporosis
  13. Diseases of the upper respiratory tract
  14. Chronic pulmonary diseases: bronchitis, asthma, etc.)
  15. General prophylaxis, gaining in health and strengthening of the organism, also in cases of physical overwork and brain fag and overstrain conditions of recovery after severe illness and surgical interventions, for retarding the processes of early aging.